• Elliptical Shape Hole
    Insert Collar & Nut

    Easy Assembly / Versatility / No Redesign

About us 

Matsuda Corporation is a mass-producing cold forging manufacturer that primarily processes fastening parts. Until now, we have manufactured a large number of mass-produced parts and also handled mold design and manufacturing in-house. 

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High precision fastener parts 

High precision fastener parts with dimensional accuracy of ±0.05mm and flatness, parallelism, and coaxiality of 0.1 class.

Variety of insert nuts and collars

Providing special fastener parts that are “not provided by the manufacturer” or “not available in the product lineup”

Achieved zero defects ​through 100% inspection

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Our Products Lineup

Long hole color

Square insert collar

Irregular shape color

Knurled nut

Insert nut

Weld nut

 Reliable Japanese quality

Matsuda-fastnerparts has three factories in Japan and export products from Japan to overseas.

Our overseas export experience includes exports to Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, and North America.

The industries we have delivered to include automobiles, bicycles, construction machinery, and robots.

We have a track record of delivering to global manufacturers, so we believe that you will be satisfied with our quality and costs.

We also contribute to our customers' development lead time and cost reduction activities.